bespoke modern slat fencing Jackson's fencing

bespoke modern slat fencing, featheredge and Jackson's fencing

Oilcanfinish specialise in the installation of bespoke modern slat fencing, traditional featheredge fencing with arris rails, and Jackson’s fence panels. We can also install Closeboard and Overlap Fence Panels, and decorative fence panels including Hit and Miss fencing panels. We use Use Class 4 Timber Posts or Supreme Concrete Posts and Gravel Boards providing your property with privacy and security. We can also install your Garden Gate and Gate Frame at the same time.

Bespoke Modern Slat Fencing

We also design and build custom fencing with Slat Rails, either as Fence Panel Sections or attached directly to Timber Posts. Our recommendation for these slat fences is Canadian Western Red Cedar, primarily due to Cedar’s natural resistances to fungus, wood boring insects, and rot. A more cost effective option would be Pressure Treated Spruce or Pine Slats which can be Stained or Painted to achieve the desired look.

Jackson’s Fencing 

If you are looking for fence panels that are both stylish, well made, and backed by a reassuring guarantee on their longevity, we recommend Jackson’s Fencing.


Featheredge Fencing

We install Featheredge Board Fencing with Arris and Cap Rails with either Timber or Concrete Fence Posts for a classic look.

Closeboard Fence Panels

If you are looking for increased security and durability, our Fully Framed Closeboard Fence Panels would be the fencing option for you. These strong Pressure Treated Fence Panels offer added frame strength and can be set into either concrete or timber fence posts securely to prevent removal or fence panel lifting.

Fence Staining and Painting

All Fence Panels can be Sealed, Stained, or Painted to achieve your desired look and to enhance the fence longevity and protect your investment.

Contact Oilcanfinish today to schedule a meeting for a site visit where our fencing contractor will visit, discuss your plans with you, take measurements and provide you with your free quote. Your free quotation is valid for 28 days while you decide how you want to proceed.